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Qlik Sense Sync frequency and progress


We have a multi node set up with a central and two RIM nodes and the default sync rule to sync all apps to the RIM enabled. When i try to access the hub of the RIM nodes I am able to see all the streams and apps on both the nodes. But some apps when I launch from one RIM fail to open with a message 'object not available' or 'app not available'. It works perfectly fine on the other RIM.

Some of the above apps are working fine on both nodes after a couple of days. I would like to understand the following to understand how synchronization work.

1) How frequently does the apps get synchronized.

2) Will the synchronization start immediately once the rules are enabled.

3) If not how do I force the synchronization to start.

4) How to monitor the progress of the synchronization.



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Re: Qlik Sense Sync frequency and progress

Hi karthik,

Did you get answers about your questions.

I'm looking for the same informations.



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Re: Qlik Sense Sync frequency and progress

Hi Xia,

I couldn't find a definitive answer. But what I was able to find is the synchronization ticks of every time there is a change to the existing app or a new app is created or a rule is created/ updated.

There is no way to monitor the progress of sync and depending on the number of apps, size of the apps, version of your Qlik it could take a while until your apps are completely synchronized to the nodes.

Any disruption to the apps (network drop etc) midway during synchronization could potentially corrupt your app.

As a general rule I wait 5-10 mins until I expect myapps to be synchronized.

Hope this helps.