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Qlik Sense authentication pattern

Hi All,

i have followed some recommendations of the community about changing the below from Windows authentication of 'Windows' to 'Forms' to allow for anyone accessing the Hub to see the Qlik branded login page and upon changing this to Forms, the login page does appear to show correctly as Qlik Branded page and no longer a windows form, however the reload tasks for licence monitor and operations monitor are now failing. please can someone help and let me know why this is happening?


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Creator III
Creator III

You can check Granger answer here: reload license monitor : QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA

"The second issue was introduced because I changed the "Central Proxy (Default)" virtual proxy's "Windows authentication pattern" from "Windows" to "Forms". That caused a Http redirect, which the QvRestConnector.exe couldn't deal with (and even if it had, it certainly wouldn't have been able to fill out the login form). I fixed it by creating a new virtual proxy that uses the default "Windows" auth pattern, then I made a final update to those 8 "qrs_" data connections to change the URL to use the new virtual proxy."