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Qlik Sense prompting for login

I have installed Qlik Sense 2.0 server and I'm getting a browser authentication prompt when accessing the QMC or Hub. How do I get integrated browser authentication to work to avoid the prompt. I can't seem to find this reference in the documentation or an answered question.


Craig Leach

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Re: Qlik Sense prompting for login

Hi Craig,

Check the settings in the default Virtual Proxy. OOTB it should be established with Windows authentication.


You'll also need to check the security settings established in your browser. E.g. for IE ...



Re: Qlik Sense prompting for login

A colleague of mine figured this out. The problem has to do with Internet Explorer security zones and settings. See "User Authentication->Logon" settings in Security Settings. The default is "Automatic logon only in Intranet zone". If IE thinks that the Qlik Sense site is not in the "Intranet zone" it prompts for logon. If you add the Qlik Sense site URL to the "Intranet Zone" the browser will not prompt and Qlik Sense will logon as expected.