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Qlik sense Mobile application

Hello,any informations about Qlik sense Mobile application ?

I would like to download it and configurate it to display dashboards

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Re: Qlik sense Mobile application

Hi Zied,

there isn't a separate  application, you would access the dashboards via a browser


Re: Qlik sense Mobile application

Qlik Sense is "responsive", as in it detects the screen resolution being used and rejigs objects accordingly - so if you use it with smartphone screen resolution it will go into its smartphone mode.

You can emulate this on a PC / laptop by making your web browser window small so it is the same size as a smartphone.

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Re: Qlik sense Mobile application

Hi Zied,

If you are talking about an app for Qlik Sense (similar to the QlikView app for iOS), then Qlik is working on releasing one in September 2017. You can download this app and then bring up your dashboards and see how they behave. In theory they will be responsive because Qlik Sense is responsive. Please refer to the post Qliksense Mobile App.

Additional Information- If you want to see how the QlikView app for iOS works then here is the link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qlikview-mobile/id565126319?mt=8.



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