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Qlik sense story with 19 sheet and several object / extensions on it not exportable

Hello, everybody,

we got a problem from a customer that a data story with 19 sheets (sometimes many objects on the sheets) cannot be exported (error message in the export dialog). Our strong assumption is that the amount of data (layout, data, other objects of our extensions from the app) is too large for all the objects to be exported and the export request is aborted. This assumption is confirmed, that with fewer sheets (2-6) it runs properly, even if for a long time.
Has some experience with this topic. Are there ways to improve this by configuring the print service? Is there already an item at Qlik for this?

Currently, we can only recommend the customer to use NPrinting for a multi-sheet export.

Thank you and Gtx

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In this case, you can split your current story into 3-4 stories with limited sheets in each one. Just you have to export those many times as the number of new stories. (catch is some extensions might not been exported)

Which version of Qlik Sense you are using?

We had tried similar scenario in June 2018.