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QlikSense Security Rule - Hide Extensions in unpublished apps to all the users

Hi Dear Qlik Community,

I'm not pretty sure if it's possible but I'm trying to create  a Security Rule to prevent the use of extensions on the Hub in the case of unpublished apps because there are some published apps that already use this extensions.

In QMC there is a default security rules for extensions allow that all the users can read all the extensions.


I need to modify this security rule to achieve this requirement.

Could someone give me a guide on how to create this security rule?

Thank you in advance for your help



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My idea is to create a custom property for Extensions and add custom property values that match the name of active directory groups. Once you create the custom property, you can assign the value(s) to the extensions you want to manage. Once you have that, you can create a rule that compares user's group membership against custom property value(s) assigned to the extension to determine access level. In this way you can control use of extensions based on active directory group memberships. Good luck.


Dear Jlongoria,
Thanks for your response. I can create a custom property to control the access of user based on the group membership. I understand that in that context I can control wich users can read extensions. However, in this case the only condition for reading extensions is that the App is published. Is it possible control this parameter (published or unpublished app) with Extensions ?
Thanks for your help.