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QlikSense - Task status not syncing with central node

Hi All,

I am running QlikSense November 2018 Patch 1 build. I have the central node configured as master node and a rim node configured as slave node.

The reload is getting finished on slave node but the central node is not getting notified of the completion. The QMC shows as "Started" though the log shows as Script execution finished. This stays for hours and does not change to Success/Failure. I'll have to manually abort the job so that the next schedule can pick up.

Any idea why this happens?


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Re: QlikSense - Task status not syncing with central node

Need to check the Central Scheduler logs, if you do not see much, I would increase it to debug. Does this occurs for all task or specific apps? 



Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik