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Contributor II

Qliksense app landing page

Is there any way to in standard Qliksense such that if I open application it lands me on certain sheet rather than app overview.

Also way to apply filters when dashboard is opened eg. Always current month should be selected.

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Contributor II

Re: Qliksense app landing page

Try using the URL of the Sheet.

i.e Open the app and open the sheet which you want. then Copy the URL when the sheet is opened. This is one Way.

Contributor II

Re: Qliksense app landing page

Thanks a lot Amith,

That is first thing i did, but its not solution in working environment for

two reason.

1. ID of sheet/URL will change if I duplicate the sheet on server to add

new objects so this URL will have to be revised.

2. People who have access to multiple apps, can't keep track of URL for

each app.

Contributor III

Re: Qliksense app landing page

Hi Adnan

Did you ever find a solution to this as I have the same requirement in a project i'm working on.



Contributor II

Re: Qliksense app landing page

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately not. Work around was using URL method. Most recently triggers and action has been introduced in API, haven't tried that my self but might be handy if you know java coding.


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