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QmcSection_Task read security rule still gives edit and write access


I am trying to give a read access to a user so that he can only view the ongoing or running tasks but cannot create or edit current tasks

I created a security rule and in the resource fitler, I give QmcSection_Task and only checked the read in the action

I added the user in the advance filter. The rule seem to be working till the extent that the user can only view tasks section

However, he can still edit and create tasks. Is there any mistake i am making to make the task view or read only for the user?

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There is some other rule provisioning access. The filter of QmcSection_Task  scopes to the QMC entity, not to the underlying tasks. The same is true for the rest of the QmcSection_ values as well.

So I'd either manually review the security rules which have ReloadTask in the filter or use the QMC > Audit functionality to view what rule is driving access.



Many thanks for you reply. There  might be many rules that provide many privileges to the relaodtasks resource in filter but there is only one security rule which has this specific user added and the relaod task is checked as read only in that security rule 

I just noticed that the user is not actually able to run tasks. However, he can create and edit tasks. I want his access to only read only so that he can view tasks but not run, create or edit. This is a new user and he is not part of any group and there is only one rule that gives his the read only access as mentioned above

All other resources are read only as intended but only the reload task or Qmcsection_task is not read only for this user. 

This user is not part of any admin group by the way