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Reloads Monitor not showing all history

Hi Tyler,

I was going through Reload monitor App, Wondering does this app hold data for a week (Mo through Su) only?

I am not able to see any reload information which happened during last week.

Similar is the case with Operation monitor App (Tu through Mo)?

Thanks & Regards,


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Make sure you configured the data connections correctly and for multi-node, per the documentation: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/November2017/Subsystems/Monitoring/Content/Introduction/Configure-...


Hi Tyler,

I have Single Node Environment and repository Database is also on same server.

Need few clarifications:

1. I have updated data connection ArchivedLogFolder  to "\VM114\QsDocs\ArchivedLogs".

2. Since my repository database resides on same server, do I need to modify localhost in connection string URL with FQDN?

3. Wondering, How long data Qliksense is keeping in Repository database? (3 months, 6months or 12 months)?

4. I am able to see only one week data in Reload Monitor App. If I select any date from previous week, I get blank table charts for all sheets.


1. Good - now make sure that the log files are getting written to that archivedlogs folder. Specifically, look to see that the Scheduler > Trace > TaskExecution log files are getting written there.

You can also remove all the "governance" QVDs created in programdata\qlik\sense\log. And then try the reloads again.

2.Are you getting an error when reloading -- namely an error saying you can't connect to the REST data connection or QVXConnect error of some sort?

You can open the Ops Mon app and check the Apps page to see if there is data there. Or, you can check the License Monitor app dashboard/overview page and see if you have a count of total tokens KPI working.

3. the Qlik Sense Repository database --- this is a live database, so there is not so much a notion of "history". You need the QSR database running in order to use Qlik Sense, so it is not removing "history". Is there a specific piece of information you are concerned about?

4. I think if you make sure your data connections are correct per the documentation, and you remove the existing "governance" QVDs and then reload the apps, you should see your history. If not, I would guess that the log files are either missing (deleted) or are stored in a different location.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Sheet level Monitoring in Qlik Sense

Hi Tyler, Not sure if you already have another page for this question. Recently, I have been going through all the Monitoring apps to meet my one requirement but haven't had any success so far.

With Qlik Sense allowing users to create their own community sheets and publish them, I have to monitor the usage of these sheets. 

My research tells me that Qlik Desk stores this sheet level usage but I am still struggling to locate and read the Sheet level usage data in Qlik Sense.

Any inputs on that would be really helpful.