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Remove 'Qlik Dev Hub' option

Hi All,

I've been requested to remove the 'Qlik Dev Hub' option from the Qlik Hub to users with access to Streams.

Is this possible? Perhaps via the QMC - I've looked at all the options in the QMC.

Qlik Hub.png

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Re: Remove 'Qlik Dev Hub' option

Quick hint, check out how the roles have been assigned to you users, they may be setup as DEV's.

In other words they need to be Content Readers only.

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Re: Remove 'Qlik Dev Hub' option

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.

I've set up with particular user as a 'Read only' security rule.

read only uesr.png

The Hub still displays the 'Qlik Dev Hub' option.

This makes no sense being accessible to users with 'Read only' access.

dev hub.png

Maybe I'm missing something or perhaps using the incorrect role for this user.

Many thanks

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Re: Remove 'Qlik Dev Hub' option

That is odd and I agree with your assertion, have you connected with Qlik Support regards the issue at all ? check what they have to say.

I assume the user logged out and in again and cleared the browser cache after you made any changes to their profile.

Have you tried with roles only , not directly with username ? do you use AD for your user list and sync with it  and set the user as a role member (which is best practice anyway)? It may be that you create this user and you are admin and it inherits admin privs, just guessing here.

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Re: Remove 'Qlik Dev Hub' option

I do have the same requirement; Seems there is not the straightforward way from Qlik Sense security Rules to limit the user's access to the Dev-Hub.

Below is the another link for the same discussion.


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