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Restoring Root Admin on QS with PostGreSQL 9.6

Hi there,

We had to change our server name today and as a result, I have lost root admin access for my login.

Please can someone talk me through how I would do this.

I have found instructions on earlier versions of PostgreSQL below, but not 9.6



1. Use Remote desktop to connect to the server

2. Open pgAdmin tool**

One the server you'll find the pgAdmin tool located under
\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.3\bin\pgAdmin3.exe

Connect to the server using the following settings:

3) Open the Users table

Go to

  • Databases > QSR > Schemas > public > Tables and double click on the table Users
  • right click on "View Data" > "View All Rows"

If you want to see the existing RootAdmins execute the following filter

"RolesString" = 'RootAdmin' 

4) Make a user RootAdmin

  • Search for a specific user, the easiest way is again to add a filter:
"UserId" = `swr` 

Then just add RootAdmin to the RolesString column.

5) Restart the repository service

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Re: Restoring Root Admin on QS with PostGreSQL 9.6

Postgres 9.6 doesnt come with PgAdmin tool by default. You might want to download it and then configure your postgres database.



Re: Restoring Root Admin on QS with PostGreSQL 9.6


I managed to complete this by downloading pgAdmin4.

Documented here should anyone require:

Restoring RootAdmin role on QS July / PostgreSQL 9.6 after Server Name change

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