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Run QlikSense Desktop in background


I like to run QlikSense Desktop in the background or as a service. I like to do this for a customer who wants to integratie the reporting in his intranet webpage. The integration part works brilliant when you create a link to http://localhost:4848/hub/[report]. This will only work though, when QLikSense is opened as an application. If this is not the case the link will be dead.

Therefore i would like to have QLikSense run either as a service or in the background (hidden)

I tried using sc create to create a QlikSense service. THis didn't work because de qliksenseBrowser.exe is not started.

When you execute Qliksense /? a help message pups up stating that using the -i switch you could be used to install a service. This does not work though.

Does anyone have any experience using Sense in such a way?

Thanks very much in advance!

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Re: Run QlikSense Desktop in background

Please notice that Qlik Sense Desktop is an evaluation product. It offer full functionality without a license fee, so that you can evaluate the capabilities of Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense Desktop will expire when the next feature releases is available, meaning that you have to upgrade it on regular interval. It is not a supported scenario to run Qlik Sense Desktop as a service.

For proof of concept or expanding testing of the product, the recommendation is that you get in touch with Qlik sales representatives in order to get a proper evaluation license. This will enable you to try Qlik Sense Enterprise as a proper server service. Please contact Qlik Qoncierge for more details on how to get in contact with your local sales team.

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