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Scheduled task causes engine to crash

We have a scheduled task which runs daily at 03:11 in the morning which causes the Qlik Engine Service to crash approximately 5 hours later.

It only crashes sometimes when the task is triggered automatically. I am able to run the task manually without any problems.

Windows event viewer shows the following two error logs:

PostgreSQL 2019-06-10 07:55:52:

ERROR: could not access status of transaction 0
DETAIL: Could not open file "pg_clog/0008": Invalid argument.

Engine 2019-06-10 07:55:56: 

Persistence: GetFileTime failed for \\QLIKSENSE\senseshare\Apps\20c95fd2-6730-4ad8-9ae8-7947c27202da.qvf with error: 8(boost::filesystem::last_write_time: Not enough storage is available to process this command: "\\QLIKSENSE\senseshare\Apps\20c95fd2-6730-4ad8-9ae8-7947c27202da.qvf")


The server has got approx 30GB free space and that specific qlik app uses probably 200mb in QVDs.

If I disable the scheduled task, I won't encounter that error and QES won't crash for weeks on end. As soon as I enable the scheduled task the error will occur within the next few days.

Any ideas what might be the cause?

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Re: Scheduled task causes engine to crash

>>Not enough storage is available to process this command...

This implies a disk space limitation .

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