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Scheduler - Slave node not running any task


I have a 4 nodes Qlik Sense 3.2.2 site (shared persistence) as follows:

  • Central Node - Proxy + Scheduler
  • RIM1 - Proxy + Scheduler
  • RIM2 - Engine + Printing
  • RIM3 - Engine + Printing

As you can see 2 of the nodes will be used for reloads (scheduler service). The configuration is as follows:

  • Central Node - Master and Slave
  • RIM1 - Slave

I am having the following problem: all the tasks are executed by the Central Node. I tried starting about 10 tasks at one time and all were started on Central node and none on the Slave node. Of course, 4 tasks started right away, the rest were queued.

I activated Debug log, and found the following entries in the log file:

  • Slave-node <RIM1> is not alive and cannot run task <task>
  • Slave-node <RIM1> is disabled and cannot run task <task>

Ports open through firewall as follows:


Outbound -> 5151

Inbound   -> 5050


Outbound -> 5050

Inbound   -> 5151

I have tried opening both ports in both directions on both servers, made no difference.

I also tried to change the Central Scheduler to Master only, but then the tasks will fail saying "no slave nodes found".

Any advise would be much appreciated!

Kind regards,


2 Replies

Hi Mihai,

did you find the solution?

Kind Regards


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Hi Muahmmad,

Yes I did. The fix is to have the Engine service installed and activated on the Scheduler Slave Node. I could not find any online documentation about this though...

Hope this helps.