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Security Role for QMC access

I have created a security role for QMC access, where I am using the following resource filters: QmcSection_App,QmcSection_Tasks, QmcSection_Tasks

But when the user with right customer property (@TestGroup = YES) is trying to access the QMC, only the Apps section is visible. What am I doing wrong?


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Re: Security Role for QMC access

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Re: Security Role for QMC access

There is a "read only" security rule called "OwnerPublish" with the following description:

The owner of an app or a stream should be able to publish

As far as I understand, the owner of an app can't publish, if they don't have access the QMC. I have tried to create a user defined security role, but with the conditions below, the user will be able to see applications created by other users. Is there a way to add a condition so that my user is only viewing his own apps?


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Re: Security Role for QMC access


have a look at this video I created on Security Rules.  SecurityRulesFullPresentation.mp4 - Google Drive

The second half of the video goes into setting up QMC Access for users.  You are on the correct path.


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