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Sense + DevOps = SenseOps

For some time I have been thinking about how to improve the Sense development process as a whole. There is a lot of gathered experience and best practices from the wider software development community, but how can we apply this to Qlik Sense development?

Some initiatives are starting to appear. Qlik themselves are leading the way by open sourcing microservices such as the Governed Metrics Service , as well as open sourcing key libraries that make it easier to use Sense as a general purpose analytics platform. Qlik Branch is certainly also such an initiative.
I have a couple of contributions in this space too, with the Butler and App duplicator microservices.

I think more can be done though. Sense development and deployment is IMHO still done too much in ad-hoc ways, not enough making use of the best practices developed during the past 5-10 years in the software development community as a whole.

Looking at the concepts promoted in DevOps, it struck me that Sense development follows about the same phases as those in DevOps. Combining Sense and DevOps of course gives us….


The more I looked at it, the more I felt “wow – SenseOps really rocks!”

Thus, please meet a new site:         senseops.rocks

The site does not make any claims to be complete or an authoritative source - it is rather aiming at being a way to get discussions around this topic started.

Feel free to leave comments and share thoughts over at https://senseops.rocks or here - I think there is lots to be gained by sharing experiences in this field.

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Re: Sense + DevOps = SenseOps

Great work, looking forward to seeing where this goes because we have a small number of apps at the moment <20, and source control is already a problem.

Re: Sense + DevOps = SenseOps

Fantastic initiative. You've got me thinking...


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