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Sense server 2.0.1 : impossible to reload

The manual reload or task reload does not work since the 2.0.1 migration on my server (everything else is working).

When I try to reload the task never stops.

I've studied the different log files and in fact the loading script is executing correctly but at the end when the application is trying to save the app then the process seems to start an infinite loop.

When I do it manually, I can see the message "Saving app...". It never stops

So I can't reload my apps !

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Re: Sense server 2.0.1 : impossible to reload

Are scheduled reloads able to reload? (i.e. an hourly scheduled reload)

If so, are you seeing any errors reported in the Operations Monitor? This would be in the Log Details page.


Re: Sense server 2.0.1 : impossible to reload

I see this as well. I am able to successfully schedule a task to reload the app.

Operations Monitor doesn't report anything pertaining to this issue.

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