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Service Account User causing Engine to fail


I've been using Qlik Sense server for several months with the QS Engine Service, Printing Service & Service Dispatcher all running under my profile. I am set up as a local admin on the server itself.

I have asked our IT team to create a service account with the same access (i.e. local admin) that will replace my profile. When I apply the new account to the services on the server, they all start fine. However, the hub will not open (balance loading error), and in the QMC I get see an alert that the Engine & Printing nodes have stopped. As soon as I switch back to my profile, everything works as expected. When I check the logs I don't see anything that would indicate what the issue is - or at least anything I understand, I've attached it below.

Any ideas as to what is missing or required?

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Service Account User causing Engine to fail

Can somebody please advise on this?  I am leaving a position in 3 days and my user credentials will no longer work so it is vital I understand what is missing.