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Set Analysis Exclusions

Hi all,

I have a case where my dimension is [Month], and my measure is [Sales]. With my expression, I need to track [Sales] according to user's Month selection. For instance, if the user selects 4/2014 and 5/2014, I need to display the sum of [Sales] that happened "before" 4/2014. Right now, I'm using the following:

Sum({$<[Month]= E({<[Month]={"='$(Min([Month]))'"}>})>} [Sales])

But I'm simply getting the whole sum of [Sales] all across my app. Does anyone have some insight into this?


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Re: Set Analysis Exclusions

Might have to do with the formatting of your dates - also worth considering if you simply need to see "less than the min month" you can replace the E() with '<=' and use your min statement.

Attached is an that solves the above - I loaded a new date field due to the formatting, but if that's the format you use it should work without the new date I added.

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Re: Set Analysis Exclusions


Try this expression:

Sum({$<[Month]={"<$(=Min([Month]))"}>} [Sales])

Maybe, you need ignore the field.

Sum({$<[MonthName]=, [Month]={"<$(=Min([Month]))"}>} [Sales])

Best Regards.


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