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Creator II
Creator II

Share Selections / bookmarks on a published app with other users


I understood from the official Qlik youtube video: "4 ways to share bookmarked sheets - Qlik Sense" ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=novroJwdEns ), that it would be possible to share a bookmark / the applied selections  with other users, when publishing the sheet.

I tried this now two times and although I created the sheet, created afterwards the bookmark and than published the sheet. The result is, that other users open the community sheet (the published sheet) and the selections, which I made in the bookmark, are not applied!

How can this be? I understood from the video that the DevHub, a Story or pdf are other ways to share the view. But this can't be, that its not possible to publish a app, with a specified selection... or?

Any experience are much appreciated.  

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You have asked diff. questions in the single thread.

- Selections can be share from "Feb 2019" version on wards which we have bundle extension.

- Bookmarks you can create and publish that into Based bookmarks which can use other users by help of Admin

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Creator II
Creator II

Thanks Anil, how does the Dashboard Extension Bundle from Feb 2019 help to "share" a bookmark. I just had a brief read about this Extension bundle and there is just the "Button for navigation", where you can apply a bookmark. But it will be still the situation that the user which created the bookmark, is the only owner and only he will see it - right? 


So please let me know, thanks a lot!