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Story level access

Hi All, I need some help to show/hide multiple stories created and published by the users.

Scenario: Within the same dashboard, Story A was created by User A (first duplicate sheet with specific data/filters and then story - both published) and he wants it to be visible to the leaders (L1) only. Story B and C was created by User B and he wants it to be visible to Managers (L2) - Story B and C and his team (L3) - Story C only. 

Initially, I created a simple rule (not for a particular App) disabled the original "Stream" security rule and added custom property CommunityStoriesAccess="Yes" and it worked. However, this works for one story with whomsoever is given Yes access is able to see it.

( resource.resourcetype = "App" and resource.stream.HasPrivilege("read") ) or ( ( resource.resourcetype = "App.Object" and ( (!(resource.objectType = "story")) or (resource.objectType = "story" and resource.approved ="true") or (resource.objectType = "story" and resource.approved ="false" and user.@CommunityStoriesAccess="Yes") ) and resource.published ="true" and resource.objectType != "app_appscript" and resource.objectType != "loadmodel" ) and resource.app.stream.HasPrivilege("read") )


For multiple stories (A, B and C) I assigned 3 values L1, L2, L3 for stories A,B and C respectively. However, this does not seem to work and all stories are visible to everyone with this App access.

Implemented new security rule for a particular App (App_d10e50ca-302b-4c0f-bae0-3b719bcd6bca) and CommunityStoriesAccess=L1,L2,L3.

(resource.resourcetype = "App" and resource.stream.HasPrivilege("read"))
or ((resource.resourcetype = "App.Object" and ( (!(resource.objectType = "story")) or (resource.objectType = "story" and resource.approved ="true") or (resource.objectType = "story" and resource.name="Story A" and resource.approved ="false" and user.@CommunityStoriesAccess="L1"))
and resource.published ="true" and resource.objectType != "app_appscript" and resource.objectType != "loadmodel") and resource.app.stream.HasPrivilege("read"))

Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong or any additions? Going forward, there could be 101-5 such stories.

We are currently using Qliksense November 2019 Patch 3 Enterprise version.

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