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System Copy PROD to TEST


has anybody realized a "System Copy" functionality like it is available in SAP?

This would mean to update the TEST system exactly to the same status as on PROD system.

Currently I have in my mind the following steps:

a) Copy folder structure and files for certain folders


          selected folders from C:\ProgramData\Qlik and C:\ProgramData\QlikTech (containing files from SAP connector)

b) Backup / Restore Qlik Sense repository database

c) Make necessary changes on TEST system

     Nodes: Change Host name (is this possible?)

     Proxies: change SSL browser certificate thumbprint

     Virtual Proxies: change virtual proxy assignement for TEST (because I´ve 2 proxies on PROD in my case)

d) Possible further changes on certificates?

Does anybody else see further things which needs to be changes?

Has anybody already realised such an automatic process?

Thanks for your help in advance, Thomas

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Re: System Copy PROD to TEST

Hi Thomas, 

You can't just move files around since Qlik has for each of them references in the Repository. There are a number of tools which can help you to achieve your scope. I suggest you to have a look to this page as starting point


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Re: System Copy PROD to TEST

Hi, I was testing something and was finally successful.

I have a virtual machine running with Qlik Sense server and made a copy of it and changed the machine name to be unique in the network. After some small changes in the repository DB and some other minor steps I was able to create a fully functioning System copy of a running PROD System in the same network ...

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Re: System Copy PROD to TEST

You can setup Multinode Qliksense Server

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Re: System Copy PROD to TEST

This would not fulfill my requirement. I want to have an _indepedant_ copy of the PROD system which will be used as TEST System later on. A multinode QS server is an integrated part of the PROD Environment, but I need to have it independant.