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User import wrong symbols with Excel via ODBC connection

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing weird problems with the User Directory Connector that uses Excel via a ODBC connection.

The problem is that all the users that are imported with special characters get very weird symbols.


The weird symbol is a small letter e with an acute. so the letter é. The problem is experienced with all of the special symbols. So the ö and the ë for example.

The user import is done via a Excel via ODBC connection that imports 2 CSV files: User Table and a Attributes Table.
In the CSV file the names are correct

In the SCHEMA file for ODBC the CharacterSet is ANSI.


When I change the Characteset to  OEM the symbol will change in Qlik Sense Users but is still wrong.


Anybody has a solution for this? 

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: User import wrong symbols with Excel via ODBC connection

Maybe it helped if you used UTF-8 as charset. Further you should take a look on your collation-variable - maybe it are the right chars but displayed with the wrong collation.

- Marcus