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Using a domain user for RootAdmin


We're planning our Qlik Sense deployment and need to make the significant decision of whether to use a Windows domain or a workgroup for our Qlik Sense installation. It's significant since we do not have a Windows domain in place, so we would like to avoid this overhead if possible.

On the other hand, the documentation says this about restoring a site from a backup:

When performing the procedure below you must log on using an account that had the root admin role in the site when it was backed up. If you log on using a local admin account and the machine name is different, your permissions will not follow through.

Restoring a site manually ‒ Qlik Sense

Based on the above, it seems that using a domain user as the RootAdmin is a must if we are to be able to restore a backup to a different machine. Since we're planning to do this on AWS, a new instance will always have a different name from the original.

Is my understanding correct or is there a way around this?


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Re: Using a domain user for RootAdmin


My server is not in the domain, and I tried to restore Qlik Sense to another server,

If you login with "workgroup\administrator" and give "RootAdmin" permission to this user before backup operation, you can login with "workgroup\administrator" to new server after restore

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