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What is a 'Type T' error?

We have a strange problem on our Qlik Sense server. What seems to have triggered it is changing the log configuration for the Qlik Engine.

We reduced the logging down to warning on all settings, and then the Engine would just shutdown and coredump everytime it was restarted. We increased the logging to debug to get some more hints, and the error went away... We turned the logging down to info, and now it is back to crashing.

The errors are as follows.

Start_Engine log file:

INFO    20150715T150004.406+0000    3088    2596    Internal\Engine    Invalid parameter handler set

System_Engine log file:

4     20150715T150131.297+0000     INFO     [REDACTED]     System.Engine.Engine     47     64e8cf35-31d0-483e-817c-b56750b87b7a     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Engine: Server aborted. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type T, detected.          Internal     Engine     20150715T150131.297+0000     2436     1928     20150715T150130.000Z     64e8cf35-31d0-483e-817c-b56750b87b7a
5     20150715T150131.297+0000     ERROR     [REDACTED]     System.Engine.Engine     47     ce109556-1dc6-4bd5-85d3-7c6d3d57f5c0     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type T, detected.          Internal     Engine     20150715T150131.297+0000     2436     1928     20150715T150130.000Z     ce109556-1dc6-4bd5-85d3-7c6d3d57f5c0
6     20150715T150131.297+0000     ERROR     [REDACTED]     System.Engine.Engine     47     175f5ed9-16cf-439e-a7fd-23b10667795a     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Core dump: Writing core dump file to C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Engine\CrashDumps\Coredump_1.1.0+Build_31.QSMS10-CIGS_1928_765.dmp          Internal     Engine     20150715T150131.297+0000     2436     1928     20150715T150130.000Z     175f5ed9-16cf-439e-a7fd-23b10667795a
7     20150715T150131.328+0000     ERROR     [REDACTED]     System.Engine.Engine     47     23c879a2-60e3-4fc6-adf5-c69ec54c66fb     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Core dump: Core dump result = 1          Internal     Engine     20150715T150131.328+0000     2436     1928     20150715T150130.000Z     23c879a2-60e3-4fc6-adf5-c69ec54c66fb
8     20150715T150131.781+0000     INFO     [REDACTED]     System.Engine.Engine     47     73587656-67b1-4d8f-8c2c-84550eb3d6f3     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Debug: Done Running          Internal     Engine     20150715T150131.781+0000     2792     1928     20150715T150130.000Z     73587656-67b1-4d8f-8c2c-84550eb3d6f3
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Re: What is a 'Type T' error?

Thank you!  This was a huge help!  I just had this same issue due to changing the log levels.  The app logs get huge and the server was filling up.  I'll have to see if this issue was fixed in a later release.

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Re: What is a 'Type T' error?

O. New type T. In the old document is not known marketed type of error  Internal inconsistency Types explained.

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