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qliksense users

hi all,

new to the qliksense security rules ...

added users attributes from directory (not AD) and set a rule for stream-user access

the rule preview sees the correct users with their source directory name (usergroups),

but when a user logs in, system authenticate him with active directory name (company name) and the rule does not take affect .

in the qmc users list i see same user twice with different directory names

1. is there a way to link/merge between two directories?

2. is it possible to allocate license for users from new added directory?

advanced thanks

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Re: qliksense users

U need specified two security rules from localUD/username and for AD/username

first like ((user.userDirectory="AD")) and second ((user.userDirectory="localUD"))

But U can use a custom propertis.

See here for more example

Setting up advanced security rules - Qlik Sense - YouTube

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