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session attribute won't create automatic professional access

Greetings Qlik experts!

I am using a ticketing solution so that I can authenticate my users against a local database, before allowing them into Qlik.  I also am designating whether the new Qlik user should be Professional or Analyzer, also based on this database.  The The ticket request is initiated, and the ticket request/response dance proceeds flawlessly.  The ticket contains a session attribute stating "ACCESSRIGHT":"PROFESSIONAL", or "ACCESSRIGHT":"ANALYZER" (depending on the user role in my database).  Qlik opens, and Apps are displayed.  However, clicking on an App gives me the dreaded "You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass."

In Qlik, I see a new user in Users, but not in Professional access allocation.  This is my License rule to grant professional access:


We were on the token system, and automatic access allocation worked fine.  I'm thinking it's the security rule not working with the session attribute? - but have tinkered and tested but haven't made any progress.  In DAYS.  

Thanks for any ideas!


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