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((user.group like "PreFix_StreamName*"))

I have this rule now to give someone access to a stream. Based on the group name. The full group looks like this : PreFix_StreamName_Consumer". So different groups look like this : "PreFix_Stream1_Consumer" or "Prefix_Stream2_Contributor"

This rule in the header works fine, but i have to define a rule for each stream. Would it be possible to create 1 rule?

So that the resource filter can be "Stream_*"

And the condition should look something like this:

((user.group like "PreFix_" + resource.name + "*"))\

Thanks in advanced

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Re: ((user.group like "PreFix_StreamName*"))

Hey Amien,

Unfortunately I can't help. I'm facing the same issue. Could figure something out in the meantime?

Thanks for your reply


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