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vSetWeeklyPrev doesn't work

Hello I have this variable :

vSetWeeklyPrev :

[Calendar date]=, [%Year week SEQ]={$(=max([%Year week SEQ])-$1)}, [%Date ID] = { "<= $(=max([%Date ID]) -7)"}

it doesn't work

On the another hand

the vSetWeeklyPres work :

[Calendar date]=, [%Year week SEQ]={$(=max([%Year week SEQ]))}, [%Date ID] = { "<= $(=max([%Date ID]))"}

What's the problem with the vSetWeeklyPrev ?

Thank you



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Re: vSetWeeklyPrev doesn't work

Just a suggestion:

[Calendar date]=, [%Year week SEQ]={$(=max([%Year week SEQ])-1)}, [%Date ID] = { "<= $(=max([%Date ID]) -7)"}

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Re: vSetWeeklyPrev doesn't work

thanks for your answer, my expression when i don't select any week of date the Prev works,so i would like when i choose a week of date for example week of date 3 of April the prev display the value for week of date 2

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