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Data Model Simulator : Tool to explore different data model types and modelling techniques


Data Model Simulator : Tool to explore different data model types and modelling techniques

Data Model Simulator v1.1

A tool developed for the purpose of testing different data modelling scenarios in Qlik Sense or QlikView

The tool comprises of:

* A Qlik Sense and a QlikView app that respectively allow for both simulation data generation as well as scenario testing of the generated data.

The code is commented with instructions on how to generate the data and subsequently how to run the different model scenarios.

* An optional PowerPoint slide pack for those of you who have heard me present the material and wish to have  a reminder at hand of the topics and learning points covered.

The types of data models currently simulated by the app are:

1. A Multi-Fact model with a Link-Table / Bridge Table representing the associations between the facts

2. A Multi-Fact where the facts have been appended into a single mixed fact. Sometimes referred to as a "concatenated" or Mixed-Fact model

3. An Attribution model : Typically used for modelling Budget/Forecast data storing ratio attributions in a separate table with a many-to-many relationship with the Budget/Forecast fact.

4. A Multi-State or Life-Cycle model : A model where different states of a fact is represented, e.g. FX trade data confirmation flows (captured trade -> split trade -> adjusted trade ...)

To do list for future versions:

* Key-Value pair structured fact versus horizontally aligned (cross-table) structured fact

Any and all feedback including ideas for improvements is most welcome.


Ps. If you are interested in getting a talk on Qlik data modelling arranged for your team / organisation, drop me an email or a note on LinkedIn. I'm a regular speaker at Qlik events and meetups and I enjoy networking, knowledge sharing and exchanging ideas. Ds.


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