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Easy Excel Style Tables (row-level formulae) in Qlik


Easy Excel Style Tables (row-level formulae) in Qlik

6-minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQsTiMB9aX4


Building Excel-styled tables with different formulae on each row has always been a pain point in Qlik.

We have all created Excel styled spreadsheet using Valuelist as a dimension and PICK MATCH in the expression in order to achieve the cell level control as it is in Excel.

However, this becomes hard to read and maintain when expressions in cells get extremely complex and also fidgety when you need to add new lines in an existing front-end Qlik table.

So I looked for an external way of maintaining these and am now sharing the framework and files to be able to easily create, maintain and change these Excel-style tables in Qlik.

Please watch the YouTube video for more ample information, explanation and instructions.


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