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Qlik Sense Certification - sample questions

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Qlik Sense Certification - sample questions


I have signed up to do the Qlik Sense Business Analyst exam and have bought some sample exam questions. One of these is the following: 

A client wants to see a bar chart with a single measure and three dimensions: Region, Product Category, and Month. The business analyst creates a bar chart with the measure, Sum (Revenue). Which final step should the business analyst take to complete the chart?

A. Add Region, Product Category, and Month as three different dimensions

B. Create a single master dimension with Region, Product Category, and Month

C. Add Region as a dimension, add Product Category and Month as alternate dimensions

D. Create a cyclic group with Region, Product Category, and Month as dimensions

Answer: A


My question is: you can only add two dimensions to a Bar Chart, so surely the correct answer should be C?

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You are right. There is no way we can add 3 dimensions to a bar chart. So option A is wrong.

Even I have come across many such questions with wrong answers. Nothing new!


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