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Reload Monitoring Applications when NOT using standard windows authentication

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Reload Monitoring Applications when NOT using standard windows authentication

Most of the monitoring applications require a virtual proxy setup with windows authentication to connect to the repository. Where you have set up the standard virtual proxy to use an authentication approach other than Windows you will have an issue when reloading some of the monitoring applications (the log monitor will typically still work).

If you were not aware there are 5 monitoring applications as of the Sept 2017 release. The License and Operations Monitors are loaded by default with the other 3 available to import from the C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps location on the server.

The script usually terminates at the first attempted connection to the QRS using one of the monitor_apps_REST_*** data connectors.

Testing of this approach was done on the Sept 2017 version.

Steps to resolve

1. Create a new virtual proxy with the following key details.

Session cookie header nameX-Qlik-Session-Windows
Windows authentication patternWindows (default)


  • the prefix is the important part you will need to use later on.
  • The Session cookie header name needs to be unique across all virtual proxies. It is best practice to add the virtual proxy description or prefix.


Additional points to ensure are setup:

  • Ensure you add the Host white list values. Include localhost as an option here.


  • Be sure to connect the load balancing node and click apply but do not leave the page.
  • Once you have clicked apply you will then need to attach this Virtual Proxy to the Proxy. Click on the associated items in the bottom right of the window and link this virtual proxy to the Central proxy.


2. Configure the data connections to use this virtual proxy when authenticating.

As of writing the REST data connections for the monitoring apps are as follows:


Click on each of these data connections in turn and make the following edit.

  • In the connection string you will see a URL which is normally setup as https://localhost/qrs/app/full
  • Edit this connection to add in the prefix for the new virual proxy to direct it to the windows authenticated option.


  • save each of the data connections.



  • the /windows/‌ in this example is the prefix you assigned in your new virtual proxy in step 1.
  • be sure to have a forward slash before and after the prefix value to make sure the URL reads correctly as per the example above.

3. Reload your monitoring applications.

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