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iPortal is a web application that allows you to easily impersonate users in a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment. It is not intended for production environments.  iPortal enables you to configure the list of users, groups, and images and login to Qlik Sense using these users.  This enables you to demonstrate and test Qlik Sense from the viewpoint of many roles.

Additional security configuration is required to fully enable the Governed Self Service reference deployment. Please refer to the GSS Setup Guide for more information.

2016-06-16 09_10_23-Qlik Sense GSS - VMware Workstation.png

Video Overview

Download and Install


The fully automated installer will:

  • Install the iPortal web application
  • Configure the Qlik Sense service dispatcher to automatically run the iPortal web application
  • Add & configure a Qlik Sense virtual proxy
  • Add & configure a Qlik Sense user directory connector

For documentation on setting up a local iPortal development environment, click here

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Very useful for a governance environment demo.



iPortal seems to be broken in Qlik Sense 3.0.2?


Hi Ruhan,

This is likely a result of a file being overwritten after an upgrade. Could you check out this thread and confirm for us if it fixes your issue? Thanks in advance.

Upgrading Qlik Sense breaks my PowerTools. Help!



Hi Michael

Thank you for the suggestion. I did review that but am still having trouble. I'm getting a really strange error when trying to reinstall iPortal. Any help/suggestion would be much appreciated since I use iPortal quite a bit.

iPortal issue.png

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As an advice, if you upgrade your Qlik Sense server (to 3.1 in my case), the iPortal will fail.

To solve it you will have to add again the iportal section to the [QLIK_INSTALL]\ServiceDispatcher\services.conf file. It seems the upgrade process installs a new version of this file by overwriting.


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Installing Iportal fails on the hostname: the hostname you entered is not a valid qlik sense server hostname.

We are running sense 3.1. with a trial-licenzce on a server without internet-connection. Both QMC en Hub are reachable using the specific hostname.

Any ideas?

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If you believe you are entering a valid hostname, or the hostname that appears by default is the correct hostname, with the install running and stuck at that page, go to the install directory you are placing iportal (default: C:\program files\qlik\sense\eapowertools\iportal) and open the utils folder.  In the utils folder, create a new file named checkHostName.txt.  No contents in the file are necessary.  Now try to click the next button and that should push through the install.

What is happening is that the batch file in the background that is trying to verify a connection to the repository is failing.  If you are inputting a value other than the hostname of the Qlik Sense server entered during install it will fail.  For example, if you input localhost in the text box of the iPortal installer, and the hostname of your Qlik Sense server is NOT localhost the install will send this error message.

Hope this helps.  If it does not, please open an issue on the iportal github issues page here: Issues · eapowertools/iPortal · GitHub

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Thanks Jeffrey, that solved my issue. I got Iportal installed now.

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I'm new to the Powertools and iPortal.  I went through the installation steps for iPortal on my Qlik Sense 3.2 environment, and after the install I cannot successfully get to http://machinename/iportal/hub.

Is there something else I need to do?  I realized that iPortal must have some sort of windows service running to listen for requests and I do not.  Do I need to install something outside of the installer itself?  Is there additional configuration after running the iPortal setup file?  Thanks!

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iportal requires https, and will not work with http.  There is additional configuration for the purpose of making the iportal a bit more useful as an impersonation interface.  The GSS configuration is linked at the top of the github page for iportal.

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