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Chocolatey - Windows Package manager


Chocolatey - Windows Package manager

This topic is not directly Qlik related, but I am sure many of you work on multiple environments and can benefit from automating and simplifying your setup work. I wanted to introduce a tool that makes my installation and test work easier and more efficient every day.

Chocolatey (https://chocolatey.org/) is software management automation for Windows, which simplifies and allows you to automate install, upgrade and uninstall of software in the Windows environment.

After installing Chocolatey Package Manager (https://chocolatey.org/install), you can simply manage installation via Powershell or Windows Command Prompt. Chocolatey provides over 5,000 packages (https://chocolatey.org/packages) with the most common software and releases. Below are a short list of the most common ones that I use, but take a look on the website for more package depending on what you commonly install on your environments. 

NOTE1: Run PowerShell elevated as Administrator, to ensure all installation operations are allowed.

NOTE2: Use --yes flag to force Yes on all conformation questions.

Install Chocolatey Package Manager (PowerShell)

Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1'))

Different commands can be executed to maintain the installed packages. Below are some examples of common packages to install while working with Qlik deployments.

Chocolatey Install Command

Chocolatey Upgrade Command‌‌

Chocolatey Uninstall Command

Google Chrome

choco install googlechrome --yes

Browser: Firefox

choco install firefox --yes

Visual Studio Code

choco install visualstudiocode --yes

Notepad ++

choco install notepadplusplus --yes

choco install pgadmin4 --yes

.NET 4.5.2

choco install dotnet4.5.2 --yes

Microsoft Office 365

choco install office365business --yes


choco install nginx --yes


Hi tko , It would be useful for a network administrator or BI analyst to have chocolatey packages of QlikView Desktop, Qlik Sense Desktop, NPrinting Designer, etc.

Search but I did not find them Do you know if these packages are available in a private repository?

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