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Cyclic Groups in Qlik Sense

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Cyclic Groups in Qlik Sense


This doc and app shows a workaround how to make cyclic groups for dimensions and measures. Qlik Sense 2018 November or later is required. The workaround is based on a variable and the button. The solution is not self service but no extensions or add-ons are required and using master items simplifies the usage.

Cyclic Dimension Group

  1. Add a variable vDimension and set it to Year.
  2. Add a button, set the label to =vDimension and add an set variable action for vDimension to toggle the dimensions:

Write dimension dependent expressions using vDimension (instead of GetCurrentField), ex:
=Sum(Sales)/ Sum(Total Aggr(Sum(Sales), $(=vDimension)))

For convenience, add master dimension CyclicDimension =$(vDimension) set to label =vDimension and make the button a master visualization.

Cyclic Measure Group 

  1. Add a variable vButton and set it to Sales
  2. Add a button set the label to vButton and add a set variable action for vButton to toggle the measures:
  3. Add a variable vMeasure and set it to hold the measure expressions:

For convenience, add master measure CyclicMeasure =$(vMeasure) set to label =vMeasure and make the button a master visualization.




This technique has been mentioned before in: 

There are several proposals for cyclic groups, thanks for the inspiration:

Juraj Misina, https://dataqlues.com/getobjectfield-function-and-alternate-dimensions/



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