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Do points really make the difference?


Do points really make the difference?


Sometimes you get to that point in life when you look back and remember how things used to be and reminisce about how they were better back then... Now I don't want to moan. No, really I don't but the Qlik community point system is adding value to whom?

To quote a popular phrase, "Points mean prizes!" but do they? On the community the point system allows users to compete. In fact the gamification of life is all around us. How many friends / followers do you have on social media, how many times have you started levelling up again on COD and the community point system.

Back in the day life was simpler. Questions were asked and community members worked their little socks off to support the developer in need. Who benefited? Well both parties did in my opinion. Not only did someone get the support they needed but the helper often got an opportunity to solve a micro issue and possibly stretch their understanding in the process.

Now, this still happens although in my experience it has been taken over somewhat with the ever present need to increase points, ranking and kudos within the community often at the detriment to what's important.

Some of the things I'm seeing:

  • Multiple reply's of the same answer to the same question. Once I replied and my answer was cut and pasted back into the same thread.
  • Copying lines from popular blogs and using them as questions
  • Two accounts. One posting "Great Post" and the other marking it as helpful (repeatedly, although I wonder if they'll do it to this post).

So what are people doing this? The only answer I can think of is to earn points and climb higher in the ranking. What I can't work out is why? Job Prospects maybe...... Well I can say that it would hinder rather than help, when recruiting I look at activity to gain insight over a potential new employee and these types of traits may gain community points but they certainly don't earn any points with me.

Wouldn't it be great to go back to those simpler times?



PS - This will be my only post for today. 5pts for the post and if I reach the tagging limit that's a further 20pts. I get 2pts per like so please if you could that will be great (nothing for a bookmark though, not in this game).


Although I don't completely disagree with you, but I fail to agree with you on many fronts.

Accumulating points is not the only goal for people trying to help others. For instance I find helping as a way to learn new things which I might not have seen or thought about before and if in the process I get points, then why not? Yes, there are times I have seen people re-posting the same solution given by another person (although I try not to and I am sure there are lot of other people who won't do this), but I think this should be recognized by the thread creator that somebody responded with a slightly different version of the same suggestion. Although I would def. give the benefit of doubt to someone who has posted a same response in minutes of each other.

On a ending note, I would not shy to say that yes I am trying to accumulate points here to compete with my other community friends here, but by all means this is a healthy competition which would end up benefiting lot of people seeking help.

Once again, I have no intention of hurting your or anyone else's feelings here, but this was solely my opinion and people can free to disagree with it.




Hi Sunny,

Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree about trying to learn new things for the person giving help as I mentioned in my post.

Don't get me wrong I think these people are in the minority although rife which not only lowers the overall standard and someone such as yourself who is putting in effort and time could be scoring less.

Once I did actually have my answer, slightly re-worded but then replied to my original answer in the tread. I couldn't believe my eyes. No chance of the person duplicating the answer simply because of the time it took to write it.... the cheek!

A long time ago I spent loads of time helping someone with Maps. When complete I asked them to mark the question as correct so others would know and they marked themselves as correct.... no 10pts for me although to be fair I think that was just a newbie mistake and nothing sinister. Even so it proves how emotive points can be.......

All the best


As I mentioned in my post that I don't completely disagree with you, i wanted to share my point of view


Thanks Sunny, appreciate your thoughts on it



Not a problem

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Thanks for raising this issue Richard. I think the points system iis cool. However, it feels like the forums have been hijacked by a small groups of people who take regular actions that are only to get points. I'm not talking about being eager. I'm talking about deliberate deception and abuse. This results in lots of noise on the forums making it very hard to determine what are truly active threads with meaningful content.

In the US there is an interesting banking law that makes it illegal to generate a financial transaction "for the sole purpose of avoiding taxation". It's a good analogy for what's happening here. There are a few users who are posting repetitive "good  work" on old threads, liking/helpful their own empty comments, fake tagging and more. This diminishes the quality and usability of the forum.

To be clear, I'm not calling out someone I might describe as overeager or less skilled with their answers. I'm talking about the obviously insincere, calculated points abuse.


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Hi Richard,

Thanks for bringing this up. I know the community admins have some concerns about this as well. I think they'd welcome us bringing such postcount junkies to their attention.

Personally, I have no problem with calling people out. I do if they post the same question in several spaces or just plain every two hours if they don't get a response before their patience runs out.

It might help to point out to such users that:

That won't solve copying of correct answers without attributing the original poster, but at least the OP of the discussion will have got a useful answer.

Necromancers (those that revive years old discussions) are fairly easy to identify and call them out on their behaviour. If that doesn't help there's a nice Report abuse button. Perhaps Necromancing could be added to the drop down list of reporting reasons under the Report abuse button .

@ Sara‌‌‌‌ and Andy‌: any thoughts you'd like to share with us on this subject?


I have this farm I've been spending a lot of time on...

...That and collecting points here.  I tell you what, I may not have the most points on this site, but I built an app (using this QlikView software, maybe you've heard of it) that analyzed my post/point history and discovered I have the highest "fight per point ratio".  Which makes sense, as I've probably had to build 3 apps for every 10 points gained.  Wait.. why am I guessing, I have a QlikView app that knows exactly how much.  Yeah, I just checked... I've had to build exactly 3.1 apps per every ten points.  That's hard fought!

It's always a tough one when you take the time to demonstrate the solution of a thread in a real functioning app, or get really in to coding someone's example, perhaps adding writing or illustrations that actually make the thread a continuing educational experience, and don't leave with a correct.

Still though, while you were spending your time assembling bibliography part II, there's a good chance the thread will be rooked by a one-liner and well..  all that work, that's just for dopes!

I mean sometimes the medicine's bitter and a one-liner really will do, but other times you just want to throw the coach's 'Play Challenge Flag'.  We need to call that one back for review!  (Not to mention the overhead costs for disinformation.  I should've known I was in for trouble though with a thread started by 'TabbyLowLuvr').

You can't control whether you're going to get juked out of your points from someone else's post that wasn't in the thread when you refreshed your browser 5 seconds ago, but suddenly as you work out the final edit and hit submit, guess-what.. the post has been answered.  There goes big-correct bacon.  The only thing you can control is whether you will be coming back for more tomorrow with your glutton bib on.  An organization draws strength from its followers!

p.s. Nice medallions



I will say that I agree with Sunny on this one.  I am here to learn, but on the other hand, if I have some experience that I can share that would be beneficial to others, by all means I should offer assistance.  To that end, most of the time my reward for quite a bit of effort is only a few more points in my tally.  It is not like someone is sending me a 1099 for each correct answer I give.  It is a give and take and early on I was doing all of the taking.  Now that I have gained more experience and particularly with NPrinting, I feel privileged to help out others still early in the journey.  I still sit at the feet of the masters.  The points might not mean that much, but when you post, that number below your name immediately earns you respect.  Thanks and kudos to all of you who have been doing this for 5 or more years!

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