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Filters on Set Analysis part 2


Filters on Set Analysis part 2

We will go into more features from the filters, if you are just beginning, go to:

Filter on set analysis

Now, after knowing how a filter works, we can now do something more.


How to use more than one filter?

it is easy, just add a comma and it is all worked out.

=sum({<Sales={"sales>100"},Fruit={'Apple'}>}  Sales)

this will filter the sales higher than 100 from our database and also only get the fruit Apple.

If we want to lock this filter to not change even if a global filter is on, you do something like this:

=sum( {  1  <Sales={"sales>100"},Fruit={'Apple'}>}  Sales)

this number "1" on the beginning will lock all filters except for the ones ahead. So, in this way even if you filter something on the global filter, it will not change this function.

If you like it let me know, i will keep posting tips if you keep supporting!

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