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High level intro to Qlik Sense web integration

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High level intro to Qlik Sense web integration

See http://saasdemo.qlik.com for an interactive multi tenant demo. You can create a new account when asked.

Web integration: Embed Qlik Sense

Qlik allows integration options. You can choose your desired level of web integration according to your business requirements. On the client side, you can use either the Qlik client or create your own client.

If you choose to use the Qlik Sense Client, you have the following integration options: integrate the hub, an app, a sheet or individual charts. In most cases you have the ability to control whether you see our menu, see a selection bar or whether or not you provide initial selections to make charts static.

How would a successful integration of Qlik Sense into your application architecture look?

Your goal is to create embedded analytics using the Qlik platform within a multi-tenant SaaS environment, where each of your customers would only have access to their own data. It’s possible for each customer to have a more finely tuned authorization structure.

For example, it is possible to provide authorizations for a specific department or country within a dashboard. You’ll see a simple solution in our demonstration where both of our fictitious users, Peter and John, go to the same website but see different things based on their authorizations. Qlik Sense makes this possible because it uses a dynamic, attribute-based security approach in which we re-use all the pre-existing users and roles from your SaaS platform. This ensures Qlik Sense stays in sync automatically and avoids the overhead of double maintenance.

The technology used

You can integrate the Qlik Sense hub, apps, sheets or individual objects using an Iframe or DIV tag. All functionality is delivered via a webserver called the proxy (QPS). The visual parts of Qlik Sense are based on common web technology including web sockets, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5 and Angular. If you want to use our software to create apps, then you can use the APIs or you will need the Qlik Sense Client which is contained in the hub of Qlik Sense Enterprise. If you just want to display sheets or charts you can use both QAP as well as Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Options to integrate

There are multiple ways to integrate Qlik Sense into your website. You can design apps and charts upfront or generate them on the fly. Our development hub or Visual Studio plugin help generate the code for you. (These tools make a link between a Qlik Sense resource ID and an HTML IFrame or DIV).


Hi Mbj,

I have Qlik Sense Enterprise Edition.

I had integrated Qlik Sense Charts in WordPress Web Page and now I would like to provide access to the remote users same as "http://saasdemo.qlik.com" without authentication such as everyone is able to access "http://saasdemo.qlik.com".


I tried by 2 was such as given below:

1. Qlik Sense Dev-Hub > Single configurator

2. Qlik Sense Dev-Hub > Mashup editor


Please let me know or share me the document / steps so that I can provide the access without authentication.




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