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Monitoring Apps Failed with error - 'QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA' - Resolved.

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Monitoring Apps Failed with error - 'QVX_UNEXPECTED_END_OF_DATA' - Resolved.


Hi all,

Though this issue is very old, i could see some people still facing the same. So, just wanted to give brief understanding on this issue and resolution for the same.

                    Mostly the users user the basic authentication pattern while using the QlikSense hub and QMC, they don't face any such issue unless there's something else went wrong. Whenever users need to login through the Login page for Qliksense, we opt the Windows authentication pattern as ‘Forms’ in default Virtual Proxy, which doesn’t allow the Rest Connectors to fetch the data for Monitoring apps.

  Operations Monitor and License Monitor apps use the Qlik REST Connector to fetch data. The connector requires Windows Authentication to successfully fetching data, which will gives direct authentication to connect within the server. This issue occurs when no virtual proxy in the Qlik Sense deployment utilizes Windows authentication. For fetching the data there’s should be at least one virtual proxy which allows the windows authentication pattern as ‘Windows’.

You can find step by step process to fix this issue in the attached document.

Thanks & Regards,

Harish Gali


Thanks for sharing!

Contributor II
Contributor II


I have one doubt before the applying approach. Will it expose the existing Forms authentication to Windows authentication as we have multiple rim nodes(proxy) in our environment.

Also how we will control the app so that it should not run on central node.

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