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NPrinting Report Designer Best Practices

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NPrinting Report Designer Best Practices


Hello NPrinting Report Designers !

NPrinting 17/18 contains a revamped architecture that allows customers to widen and grow their usage of NPrinting .  As this happens, it more important than ever to adopt some tips and technques and best practices to stream line your NPrinting reports so that it can ran efficiently.

By no means an exhaustive list , please review the attached Best Practice document for NPrinting report development. 

NPrinting designers should already be proficient in either QlikView or Qlik Sense prior to tackling NPrinting since NPrinting report performance is heavily dependent on the structure and size of the underling Qlik apps upon which you develop the reports.

In fact, a common comparison that I make is that you can look at NPrinting imported Qlik images and imported Qlik tables as 'mini SQL queries' that query  data from the Qlik app.  (they are in fact associative queries, not SQL queries).   Those queries are defined on the list for dimensions / measures (expressions in qlikview) that are added to the underlying App Object from the Qlik application UI. 

If the application objects perform slowly , then NPrinting will produce the report slowly,  The reason could be very complex expressions used in QLIK , a large data model in the Qlik app, or a poorly designed data model in the QLik app.   So ensuring that your Qlik application is designed well according to best practices is a pre-requisite before you even think about authoring reports in NPrinting !  This is why an NPrinting report developer should be well versed in QlikView or Qlik Sense.  Its analagous to a SQL report writer understanding SQL and SQL performance and even database performance. 

Good luck and please let me know if you have any enhancement requests or suggestions for the next version !

Jonny Poole

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