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Power of Qlik Script - Reshaping Data with Crosstable (video)


Power of Qlik Script - Reshaping Data with Crosstable (video)

In some situations you may find yourself with no choice but to use spreadsheets or files – maybe you don’t even have access to the source data. What if the data you do have access to, is not suitable for reporting? For example, commonly -  data is sent to business analysts in the form of excel reports, pivot tables and nested crosstabs. How do you get it into a form that Qlik Sense can use, keeping the valid bits and ignoring the garbage? Now you may use other tools, coded programs and other methods to “pivot” or create a straight table from the data, but is all of that really necessary – when you can do it very easily in Qlik Sense and with a few lines of our powerful scripting language.  Watch this video to learn more. (concepts are applicable to both QlikView and Qlik Sense)

Sample files are attached to this document.

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Great video if you need to know how to handle data in QlikSense or and Qlikview. = Power of Qlik Script.

Many opportunities...Cool


would the power of script videos sit better under data modelling section?

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