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Qlik Sense Desktop - Loading Data from QlikView Applications (video)


Qlik Sense Desktop - Loading Data from QlikView Applications (video)

If you have QlikView in your organization, and you are considering Qlik Sense, you may have requirements to use the same data that QlikView is already accessing, transforming and indexing. Using the "Binary" statement with Sense enables you to load that already processed data and its data model from those QlikView application, (as well as other Sense apps that you may have created).

Binary must be the first statement in the load script.

  • Binary 'lib://QVWs/FDIC - Summary of Deposits.qvw';
    - where QVWs - is the name of the Sense Folder Connection

  • Binary 'C:\QlikSense\data\qvw\FDIC - Summary of Deposits.qvw';

This approach allows you to REUSE your existing QlikView applications as references to the data, versus copying or converting QlikView data logic (connections, script, expressions etc) over to Sense.

Special thanks to Peter Smith (Qlik colleague) for validating this and suggesting this video.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for Explaning Binary load option in qliksense.

Can we open qvw files which are created in qlikview 11.2 version in qlik sense.

If we use binary load only we can get the structure and datamodel not the front end visualizations which are present in my previous qvw file can we get that front end visualizations as well is there any option?




Hi Rakesh, - you are welcome.

You are correct, only the data model (and script) can be converted over from a QlikView application. Take a look at this video to see the process on how to convert the data model AND script over to a Sense app:

Qlik Sense Desktop - Converting a QlikView Data Model (video)

Sense is a different type of product, and though there are similarities, it addresses a different need. So do not think of this as migration from Sense to QlikView. QlikView has its place and so does Sense.

Check out these links to learn more:


Parts of the Self-Service Data Discovery Message

Let me know if you have any questions and please post them to the discussions forum.


Mike T

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Just another point to add to Michael's, with a Binary load you are directly reusing the data and data model of the QVW. You can open a QVW directly in Qlik Sense which will essentially copy the underlying script and data model of the QlikView application into Sense, but now you have a complete (and, hence, separate) copy of it in Qlik Sense. (BTW, the original QVW remains untouched just the file renamed with a .backup extension.)

While both use cases are useful, I just wanted to highlight that with the Binary load option, assuming the QlikView app will continue to be used, if you refresh the data or update the data model in QlikView, the next time a reload is done in Qlik Sense, it will automatically reflect the updated data from the QlikView app. So this is a great way of continuing to use your nicely crafted QVW app along with Qlik Sense's wonderful business user self service features.




As an option: you can easy open existing qvw file in Qlik Sense and you will have all load script and data model with data in your new qlik sense document.

I usually do it with drag and drop.




Hi Sergey - correct - that video is located here: Qlik Sense Desktop - Converting a QlikView Data Model (video)



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