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Qlik Sense November 2019 is now available!


Qlik Sense November 2019 is now available!


Hello all Qlik Sense users!

I am pleased to announce that the Qlik Sense November 2019 release is now available.

Visualizations and Mapping

This release brings new powerful visualizations to Qlik Sense to broaden the use cases now possible with Qlik Sense.  These capabilities may be of interest to our QlikView looking to increase their Qlik Sense usage.


Mekko chart

  • Capture all aspects of a measure


Improved Accumulation in Bar chart, Line chart, Combo chart, and Table

  • Now there is a short cut to create accumulation expressions on measures in UI with new checkbox option
  • Accumulation can be made over the whole dimension or within a finite number of steps


Exclude map layers from auto-zoom

  • This release provides more layout control in the map chart, with the ability to exclude map layers from auto- zoom.


Table styling

This feature gives the app developer more control over the style, look and feel when creating tables, including:

  • Options to style the straight table
  • Theme properties
  • Header font size and color
  • Cell font size and color
  • Center align columns

*First table styling set, more options to come in future releases

Trellis container improvements

This includes enhancement to the Trellis visualization bundle, such as:

  • Extended to two dimensions, no longer restricted to one-dimension limitation
  • Border width and color options, to highlight the individual trellis charts
  • Support for calculated dimensions, which make it easier to limit the number of charts rendered
  • Extended advanced mode support, to enable trellising of more complex charts


Qlik Connectors

Expanded connectivity in cloud editions of Qlik Sense (Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services, Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes and Qlik Sense Business)

  • Support SAP SQL Connector in QCS
  • DropBox – Read
  • Amazon S3
  • SSL Support for REST
  • Google Big Query update for High Throughput API

Additionally, the following ODBC Connectors that are no longer in beta:

  • Phoenix
  • Spark
  • Mongo
  • Drill


Enhancements to Cloud Hub

  • Include Links - Now it is possible to include links and access to other Qlik Deployments (e.g. QlikView & Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows) to the "Cloud Hub"
  • QlikView Apps in Qlik Sense - his functionality allows the upload QlikView apps to Qlik Sense,


My Qlik Updates

My Qlik is our centralized location where users can manage their account and subscription information.

MyQlik Improvements:

  • Enhanced user security
  • Enhanced account management
  • Improved usability, including mobile support

Subscription Management

  • Ability to purchase Qlik Sense Business using Credit Card
  • Add users to Qlik Sense Business
  • View billing method upon renewal
  • View billing receipt



Offline Android support

  • Users of the Qlik Sense Mobile app on Android will be able to use this app when they are offline.
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How about exporting total line of a straight & pivot tables to Excel?



Hi Experts,

I've installed the newest  desktop version Nov 2019, and there's no visualization bundle.

Is there any steps should be aware?

Thanks in advance.



Hi @katetsan 

The visualization and dashboard bundles are a checkbox option when installing Qlik Sense Desktop. If the options were checked, you will find the bundles under Custom Objects in the edit mode.

Hope this helps!






Hi Adam,

Once I run the setup.exe file, it only shows repair and uninstall options. There's no checkbox for visualization and dashboard bundle.

As I remebered, I did check the checkbox when I upgraded to Sep 2019. But still no bundle extensions were installed.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello @John_Teichman ,

In Qlik Sense Desktop "Bar & Area Chart" keeps crashing, Can you please take a look on the issue

Thanks and Regards

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