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Qlik Sense Platform - Create Your First App - Part 3 - Creating Visualizations


Qlik Sense Platform - Create Your First App - Part 3 - Creating Visualizations

This video will show you how to create your first Qlik Sense visualizations using the sample data .xls file attached in the previous video.

This video covers:

  • Accessing the .xls file using the Folder connection setup in the previous video
  • Quick overview of the data definition interface
  • Quick overview of the LOAD Script syntax that was generated
  • Loading data
  • Quick overview of the design interface
  • Creation of some simple visualizations

Note: It may be necessary to view this video from the YouTube site, in order to access the full screen and resolution controls. Simply click the YouTube logo found in the bottom right of the player. Controls in the embedded player vary per browser.

Previous video: Qlik Sense Platform - Create Your First App - Part 2 - Creating Data Connections

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Hi Michael,

I notice that this is QS  running under web (enterprise).

And you mentioned that the 'Save' button in substitute by any action on the page.

I succeeded so far because all of your tutorial videos, so... thank you so much.

But something is missing then... In the desktop version, any data selection I made will be automatically saved. But why on this web version, the data selection always back to clear stage when I re-open the apps again? I need this selection data, so the other user (usually my BOD) will see the sheet where the owner (of apps) has been modified the data selection for specific purposes.

In short, how could I save my Data Selection (filter) on the web page?

Many thanks,


Thank you Michael,

I am new to Qlik products and exploring a lot from sources presented in Web. 

I have couple of queries on qlik sense platform which is server.

is Qlik sense platform nothing but Qlik sense cloud?

If not i am unable to get the Qlik Sense Platform from downloads and could you please let me know where can i get the QS platform to explore?


Let me know, your reply will help me alot.



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