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Qlik Sense Waterfall Chart (No Extension)


Qlik Sense Waterfall Chart (No Extension)

Nowadays, one of the most popular charts used in Finance is a Waterfall chart. Waterfall charts are most suitable in showing how we have arrived at a net value. Because it can clearly break down the cumulative effect of positive and negative contributions. This is very helpful for many different scenarios, from visualizing financial statements to navigating data about population, births and deaths.

It is easy to come up with a waterfall chart in Qlik View. Unfortunately we don’t have a direct way of achieving it in Qlik Sense. Because we don’t have an offset option in bar chart. Anyway it is not impossible to make a waterfall chart in Qlik Sense.  There are few workarounds for this. Here I am giving out one way of achieving it.

Please go through the attached QVF files.

  1. Static Waterfall (This will be easy to follow.  See this first)
  2. Dynamic Waterfall (Practical approach)

While going through this, newbies can also understand Above(), Rangesum(), Rangemin() functions.

Please give it some time to understand how we have achieved it.  To have a better understanding I have split the expression in a flat table for Static Waterfall. Frontend wise it is same for Static and dynamic waterfall. 

Please leave your comments below.


Hi Christian,

I have tried to find the issue with the Waterfall charts. I think it is something like this: What we want to achieve is 4-dimensional and the way the waterfall chart is generated using a stacked bar chart is 3-dimensional... not totally sure it is a good comparison but in my mind it is close...

In your case it is the month and in mine it is the Business Unit. The bar chart has already x-axis, y-axis and the values of each bar section. The waterfall chart provided by Rangaraju is based on a stacked bar chart using two dimensions and one measure. To generate the charts we want we would need two dimensions and two measures. That's how I see it.



Not applicable


I do need help with the Waterfall Chart:


Color setting:

if(Dim = 'Offset',


   Green() //if(Multiplier >0, Green(), red())



The problems are:

1) Displayed Value of the 2nd bar is wrong

2) 3rd bar without color

Thank you for helping me on that.


Is there someone who can open the Dynamic Waterfall file? Could you please help to convert it to the latest/current qvf format? I am unable to import it after multiple tries and restarts (the static waterfall file was imported successfully - but it is the dynamic one that I am mainly after). My IT support said the file type of the "Dynamic waterfall" file is not compatible/obsolete.

Please help as I really need to create a dynamic waterfall. Thanks,

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