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Qlik sense: How to see Data Load Editor scripts for apps developed by your Team members?

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Qlik sense: How to see Data Load Editor scripts for apps developed by your Team members?


So you just joined a Business Intelligence Team and one of the responsibilities include building apps for your business users. Eventually, you would have a need to see Data Load editor scripts for apps developed by other members in the team. So what permission do you need to be able to do that?

Credits: darkhorse

Qliksense Version: Enterprise Server 2.0

Source: can't see a peer's data load editor scripts


This a two-step process.

1) Get "content admin" access (or "higher" level access)

2) Double check if you have access to see data load scripts for ALL apps

Step 1:

The short answer is that you need "Content Admin" permission from your Qlik sense admin...But with this access level, you will have access to other developer's app via QMC. If you need to do this via HUB as well then you will have to modify the content admin role.

Here's how Serhan ( darkhorse ) explained how to get this done:

QMC--> Security Rules-->Content Admin--> Edit--> Context--> Both in Hub and QMC


Step 2:

Now, once you get the "content" admin access, you might want to double two things:

1) You can access data load scripts on published apps -- (I was able to do this but there still seems to some open questions around some folks not being able to see the data load scripts for published apps. If this is the case for you, you need to duplicate the app on your "my work" area and see the scripts)

2) You can duplicate apps on your "myWork" area and see scripts -- this is also useful if you want to make modifications to published apps that are out there.


I hope this helps you resolve the permission issues and help you collaborate with your team members!

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I wish we could see the load script without duplicating (not need to have access to change on the published app). lot's of time happen  I just need to read the code without any change, but now, every time I have to duplicate it to can read and after that, I have to delete to prevent messing up with my workspace.

Would you please add an ability to can read load script for a published app directly, in a read-only mode.

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