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Quick Qlik Tricks - an easy Change Log


Quick Qlik Tricks - an easy Change Log

Change Log table.png

Have you ever wanted a simple way to maintain a change log for your app that's easy to maintain and easy to display in the UI? 

Today, I'm pleased to show you a quick and convenient method of keeping track of the version history for an app. It was a technique I developed at my last consulting job. 

We simply use an inline table to maintain a list of changes in the load script. The users can view the change history in a pivot table in the UI. 

The main features are

  • The use of the pipe '|' character as the delimiter. It allows for commas to be included in the description.
  • Three simple lines of code to automatically calculate the current version number of the app, which can then be displayed in the UI.
  • A pivot table with a blank measure that is fully expanded.

 I hope you find this useful. Please let me know if you have improvements for this code or if you have alternative ideas. Cheers!

This article can also be viewed on LinkedIn .

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