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Save over 50% log space by Enabling Windows NTFS Compression

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Save over 50% log space by Enabling Windows NTFS Compression

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Apr 6, 2022 6:13:24 AM

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Apr 6, 2022 5:59:31 AM

Recently we’ve been adding a lot of content on our Qlik Sense Enterprise server. This combined with frequent reloads for near real-time data means our ArchivedLog folder is growing fast. With a 1 year retention in place, we’re currently sitting at 32gb. I expect we’ll double this by the end of the year. This may not seem like much but with the current disk space available in our SAN, it’s becoming a problem (There’s not just Qlik that’s growing rapidly).


I looked into multiple solutions such as having a daily/weekly script run to timestamp & zip files and keep them available for audit purposes but I still wanted to have my files available without restoring anything. That’s when I thought about using the almost forgotten feature, NTFS compression. This feature was once seen as bad because CPU power was much more limited than today and we’re now also running on SSDs. Both of these factors have made file compression a non issue.


I simply navigated to my ArchivedLog directory and enabled file compression (may take a while…). All the files were compressed and I was now using 60% less space than before with no impact whatsoever on my task durations.


Please note that you should be attempting this on your Dev environment first AND that this is better done outside business hours as there is a chance you will encounter file locking while the compression is running for the first time.

I like this feature as I have nothing to script and test and I can always turn this off without any issues. None of my app reloads, including the monitoring apps that read log files have increased in load times.


Let me know if your savings are as good or better as mine!





  • Qlik Sense Enterprise November 2021


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